Health Reform Events in Rhode Island

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HealthRIght's mission is to enact health care reform that ensures high-quality, accessible, sustainable and affordable health care and healthier lives for all Rhode Islanders.


We believe Rhode Island deserves a health care system that is sustainable for employers, families, health care providers and institutions, as well as for the state's economy. We pursue our mission by convening representatives of business, labor, health professionals, the academic community and consumers to define uniquely Rhode Island policy proposals informed by the following principles:

  1. Healthy Lives: The purpose of health care is to help all people to achieve healthier lives.
  2. Quality of Care: All Rhode Islanders should receive health care that is high quality, timely, accessible and affordable.
  3. Consumer Choice and Protection: The health care system should be designed to maximize consumer choice, protection and control.
  4. Aggregated Payment and Pooled Risk: All public and private health care dollars should be consolidated into an aggregated public or not-for-profit purchaser of health coverage and/or health care services that pools risk across the state.
  5. Cost Containment: Costs should be controlled by implementing a coordinated health planning process and restructuring delivery of health care to achieve more equitable and efficient allocation of health care resources in the public interest.
  6. Diversity of Stakeholders: Involving multiple and diverse stakeholders is the best way to design a health care system that delivers high quality, accessible and affordable for everyone. 


  1. Personal Experience of Healthcare: Rhode Islanders have a high quality, affordable, accessible, sustainable health care system that supports healthier lives.
  2. Improved Population-based Health Outcomes: Rhode Island Communities have a decreasing burden of disease from preventable illnesses and an increasing practice of healthy lifestyles.
  3. Cost Containment: Health care providers are rewarded equitably based on the quality of outcomes. Purchasers of care receive meaningful value and relevant results for their investment.


Since our founding in 2007, HealthRIght has displayed pivotal policy leadership and community convening to establish foundational health care reform activities and organizations. HealthRIght has also been successful in legislative leadership and coalition building around legislative advocacy.

Coordinated Health Planning

  • Leadership role in developing the 2007 Coordinated Health Planning Report (drafted largely by Fox Wetle and community participants) published by the RI Department of Health;
  • Led a community coalition that promoted and ultimately secured passage (and veto override) of legislation that established the current Health Care Planning and Accountability Advisory Council which established and funds statewide coordinated health planning and secured its renewal; and
  • Ongoing champion for a more robust Coordinated Health Planning function in legislation in 2013 session while continuing to inform deliberations of the current Council.

Health Benefits Exchange (HealthSource RI)

  • HealthRIght members formed the core of the Exchange Workgroup, which met regularly throughout 2011 and 2012 to develop the blueprint for HealthSource RI prior to the hire of Christy Ferguson to run the nascent exchange, now HealthSource RI. HealthRIght continues to shape HealthSource RI’s vision and structure, while working closely with Christy, one of the original HealthRIght founders;
  • Major advocate for passage of legislation (and subsequently an Executive Order) to establish a robust RI Health Benefits Exchange; and 
  • As part of this push held a legislative forum to educate legislators in the face of stiff opposition to creating an Exchange that can be meaningful as a lever for healthcare reform, high quality and lower cost; 

Healthy Rhode Island (State Healthcare Innovation Plan)

  • Critical leadership in providing expert participation from HealthRIght members for all eight Work Groups of the Healthy Rhode Island Task Force at the end of the Carcieri administration in 2010; and
  • Key leader in bringing expert and consumer focused public voices to the six work groups of the State Health Innovation Plan (SHIP) process pursuant to a CMMI Innovation Grant received by RI and continuing leadership as the SHIP moves forward to form the basis of a $30M to $60M application for federal health reform funds under a State Innovation Model grant application to be filed in 2014.  

Healthcare Reform Commission 

  • Marshaled expert participants in HealthRIght to join the Healthcare Reform Commission created by Governor Chafee in 2011 - informing the work of the Commission throughout 2011-2013 in critical conversations about how to implement the ACA here in Rhode Island.

Other legislative leadership successes and advocacy

  • Part of a coalition that maintained a strong Rite Care program;
  • Successfully opposed the elimination of the Certificate-of-Need program and the Health Services Council; and 
  • Protected the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC) against proposals to defund the office in 2010.

Outreach and community-convening

  • Conducted multi session major community policy retreat (at Save the Bay RI) to focus HealthRIght and the broader healthcare reform community on policy priorities for the post ACA environment; 
  • Major outreach, education and public relations partner to state agencies in highlighting key ACA events and anniversaries, including very successful outreach on ACA First Birthday Party and related public events raising awareness about health reform activities in RI; and
  • Utilizing social media and communications tools to build public awareness and dialogue with health reform events in the press, with key stakeholders, public events and the legislature.